Let Me Introduce Myself

I work in HR for a publicly traded company. To protect myself and the company I work for I will keep these two variables (my name and company) out of the equation that is this blog. Besides, those details are not critical to what I hope to achieve with this platform.

I am here because I aknowledge that it is difficult to speak honestly with other professionals when your career is at stake, when your livelihood hinges on the relationships and bods you build with others in your company. My aim is not necessarily to provide answers but rather an opportunity to discuss various topics with the earnest intent of learning and growing.

Among other HR responsibilities, I am in charge of our field employee relations and need a space to bond with others and learn.

It is fair to say that Covid-19 has thrown a wrench at all professionals and while I am coming at this issue from the HR perspective, I hope that anyone interested in discussing and learning together will participate.