Today I wanted to really rave about the Netflix show Queer Eye. I had put off watching it for a long time. I wasn’t sure what to expect and whether it would truly be an entertaining show but once I started watching I could not stop and must admit that I loved every episode and looked forward to sharing with my boyfriend.

A big take away from this show was a glimpse into a different side of men’s lives. Yes, the show revolves around 5 gay men and their “adventures” in makeovers but more than that it made me realize how neglected so many men can be. Typically when you think of a makeover show it’s for women about women but with this show we saw men get made over and it was fabulous!

I loved the 5 different hosts; they each brought something special to the table and it was great to see their personalities shine through in every episode. Also, it was kind of amazing to see the lives of all the men in each episode transformed. Often times they ended up crying because for the first time in their lives or in a long time they felt visible, validated, and valuable.

It touched my heart to see how happy and thankful every one of the participants were  that these fabulous 5 gay men came into their lives,  supported them, and carried them through to a better self.  It reminded me of how gender can sometimes be so limiting, it often puts people into boxes and creates expectations of what is acceptable or not.

Pretty much at the beginning of the show, all of participants felt that because they were men they were not allowed to care for themselves or make an effort to look their best. It was great to see the fab 5 come to their rescue and show them that taking care of themselves should never be something to be ashamed of.

I gotta say, this show has made me value the men in life that much more. I know that a lot of the time they sacrifice so much to make the women in their lives happy and it is my hope that I can, much like the fab 5, do nice things for them and make them realize they are loved and oh so valuable to so many people.

If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend it–check it out, it might just change your perspective.

Photo Credit:

Queer Eye|Huffington Post

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