I finally finished the book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote for Chaos! It was long. I listened to the audible version, in all it was 15h 40m long. I haven’t picked up much since finished this book, I think I just wanted a bit of a breather.

Despite the length and the density of the book I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a great read. It was packed full of good advice and life lessons. In truth it was great for challenging my perspective of various issues. To me it seemed like the writer, Jordan B. Peterson, was a bit conservative. He questioned many liberal beliefs in the realms of parenting, feminism, and social interactions but somehow despite that was not off putting. He managed to make several good points and presents them in a way that gives the reader pause to really evaluate longstanding beliefs and statements.

I also found it very interesting that the book had a bit of a Christian slant. Peterson managed to infuse many bible verses and stories. He also included other religious and spiritual ideas but in all Christian ideals reigned supreme. Like with his more conservative views it was done in a tasteful and persuasive manner that made the reader interested and shed a new light on old and “understood” concepts. I enjoyed his discussions of biblical ideas very much and also appreciated his infusion of other literary works.

All in all i highly recommend this book. It is one that will leave you thinking and re-evaluating many things you thought you had all sorted out and introduce you to new ways of seeing things.  It leaves readers feeling like they have actually learned something worthwhile and meaningful. I know that I have recommended this book to several people and brought it up in conversation with others many times.

The only “warning” would be to have you be aware that it is a time investment, one that is sure to pay off.




Photo Credit:

Jordan Peterson|Gage Skidmore|Wikipedia


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