As a professional it is always important to stay sharp. We need to know about the latest developments in our fields and workplace in general. In conjunction with this, it is equally important to get this insight from trusted sources. In our digitally infused world access to information is no longer the issue rather, it is finding the golden nuggets hidden in the mountains of data.

Recently I discovered one such nugget, it is the Wall Street Journal podcast series: Secrets of Wealthy Women. I am excited, eagerly listening to all of the episodes and searching for lessons to add to my knowledge base.

The truth is being a woman makes a difference in life. Whether we like to admit it or not our gender dictates how the world interacts with us. Sometimes it is positive, other times not so much. Regardless, as a woman, I am thankful for this podcast and the insights it gives me into other women leaders and the feats they have overcome and accomplished.

Often times life can feel very male dominated. A young woman can look everywhere around her and when searching for role models find many more male than female lives documented, delivering life lessons, especially when it comes to the working world and finance.

I must admit that I look forward to a time when things like gender, race, sexuality and the like wont make a difference. A time when we no longer need to say I wanted to see someone like me represented in x, y, or z. Until then I am grateful for the people like these women and programs like this podcast who take the time so shine this light on diverse individuals. We need it, it helps more of us step up and take places where gaps still remain.

I can say that in a way this podcast feels a bit like a reverse old boys’ club, a women’s club per say where wisdom is passed on. Of course anyone can learn from the advise and lessons shared, but much like in an old boys’ club, it helps when you identify with the people speaking. It makes things more relatable. It feels almost like sipping from an exclusive nectar saved especially for you at this moment. A type of mother’s milk, that makes you stronger and prepares you for the future.

Photo Credit:

Secrets of Wealthy Women|WSJ

Posted by:smartworkingirl

Hi, my name is Angelica and I am a young professional. This blog is to share helpful career resources and ideas with others. Navigating the professional world can be hard and isolating, here I strive for inclusion.

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