OMG! I found a new show that I totally looove!

It may sound excessive but I do and I am totally obsessed. Aggretsuko was written for women like me. It is a Sanrio cartoon about a 25 year old girl who works in an office doing accounting. She starts her career naively, with high hopes and dreams, thinking her new corporate life will be amazing.

The show cuts to five years after her first day, Retsuko is now jaded and pretty much hating her life so much that she needs an outlet to release her rage. What would any frustrated girl do in such a situation? Turn to death metal karaoke of course!

I say this show was made for me because like Retsuko I too work in an office and love metal. The show does a great job of portraying office life and a “good girl’s” frustration with corporate bureaucracy and politics.

I enjoyed the themes of female empowerment that the show touches on and felt that Retsuko’s experience could teach me and others something about corporate life. I think that like her, many of us start our careers with unrealistic ideas mainly because we have no experience and don’t know what to expect.

Corporate life can feel lonely. It’s hard to know how to act and what to say. It can be a delicate dance that must be done right to not only preserve our spot in the workplace but also to progress. As a reserved and “responsible” girl like Retsuko I could relate to her experiences and emotions. After watching the show I started to wish I had a sanctuary like her karaoke room to vent in after a hard day of work.

Aggretsuko is a show that left me feeling better about work. Like her I stress about my place in the company and my interactions with higher ups. It was nice to see Retsuko who is a reserved young woman, develop a friendship with the two strong and assertive women she admires in the company, Washimi and Gori. I think that seeing this animated show portray common circumstances like these in a simple and relatable way eased some of my anxiety and gave me hope that obviously I’m not the only one that struggles with things like this and that things can get better.

I was happy to get a woman’s perspective on life in the office. I think it does a lot of good to create awareness, community, and understanding. Life can be frightening and overwhelming at times, shows like this let us know that we are not alone or the only ones experiencing things in a certain way. It makes life more manageable and our problems feel more comical and less serious and life threatening. Also, I hope this goes without saying but this show is not just for women. Anyone, male of female, in their twenties or not could benefit from and enjoy this series.

Thank you Sanrio for creating this lovely character. I love Retsuko and am happy to support her because I know that in doing so I support myself and others like me and Retsuko. By sharing and having this community our lives are enriched, transformed, and empowered. Rock on!



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