I was searching for a book to tackle next. I have been struggling with feeling fulfilled and appreciated at work. I have also been struggling to find a path to take in terms of my career. Often times I feel that I am being pulled in a million directions at once. Should I strive to be a professor, a private business professional, entrepreneur, artist, stay at home mom…

The list could probably go on. The point is that I am looking for purpose and focus–Meaning.

The book I ended up purchasing is 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B Peterson. It has turned out to be quite a read. When I first got it I was a bit skeptical. I know there are many books out there that can receive good decent ratings and reviews and still turn out to be unfulfilling or that may teach nothing.

So far I am on chart 5 of 15 and I am loving it. Hanging on to every word, truly enjoying it and learning.

I’ll write a full review once I finish it. In the mean time I couldn’t contain my excitement and wanted to share. I like it so much I have already suggested it to a few people I know.

Posted by:smartworkingirl

Hi, my name is Angelica and I am a young professional. This blog is to share helpful career resources and ideas with others. Navigating the professional world can be hard and isolating, here I strive for inclusion.

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